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Volker Fritsche

Screendesigners Internet Publishing

CEO, Freelance Information Architect, Webmaster Tyrol, Austria We try to use DBF Commander to get our data ready for the web. DBF Commander Pro fills the gap perfectly between the dBASE solutions and is suitable for web projects < 2 GB of web space. We decide to import our generated Visual FoxPro data (with memo) to DBF Commander Pro in 2011. The Pro version is completed with important functions for the professional web developer. Suitable for all your needs in daily use and becomes more and more useful in windows production environments and all kind of servers.

Cosmin Borduselu


CEO Romania DBF Commander is working like a breeze. One of it's task is to help us to keep the topographic coordinates in an easy manner. Our request has been implemented quickly in DBF Commander. Elphsoft team keep close with its customers! Congratulations and keep the good work!

Riccardo Bodini

Individual company
Owner Italy I found DBFCommander as one of the most needful product while handlig the DBF files. The great and awesome the support Elphsoft provides to people have purchased a product. I'm greatly satisfied and impressed for the quickness and expertise of the support team.

Richard Hartnett

Blue Line Data Solutions

Owner USA Elphsoft is fantastic! I looked "high and low" for a program that would allow me to convert some rather unique XML files to .dbf, and none of the software I found on the internet worked correctly. I found DBF Commander Professional, and with the assistance of Elphsoft, the program was modified to work with my unique data situtation. The price of the software is very reasonable, and the product support team is fast and friendly. I would highly recommend DBF Commander Professional to anyone that has a need to work with .dbf files.

Mario D'Avirro

MDA Insurance

Engineer Canada It isn't often that you can find a powerful little tool that does the job of major industry software. I've used DBArtisan, Quest TOAD, and a variety of other software tools, only to find that this little piece of software can give me access to DBF files above and beyond the industry leaders. It's also not just a great tool - it's a great team. The Elphsoft team has built a small but dedicated community of engineers that help each other get the most out of their product. Keep up the good work!

Garret McFadden


Owner Ireland Great software, intuitive to use and exceptional support and I work in a support orientated career and can sometimes be known to be critical. Software itself is very useful, I've a project that meant I needed lots of Foxpro files converted into MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012 quickly and rather than designing the software ourselves we turned to DBF Commander Pro and with the helpful support staff got up and running much quicker.


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This great program has all the features I have been looking for quite a long time

Keymen, Germany

At first, I should say that this is the best DBF editor I have ever used.


Thank you for creating this software. It looks like a great solution to working with aging systems.


You have designed this extremly nice software for those who like to work with DBF. Thanks a Lot.

rsu_pat, India

Thank you. I will download the new version sometime this afternoon or in the morning and get my boss to purchase the software. It will really come in handy for one of the products that I am working on.


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