DBF Commander Version History


DBF Commander Professional v6.0 Build 120 (March 2, 2024)

  • Adapted to Windows 11 support
  • Dark theme implemented in user interface
  • Added support for APPEND FROM command
  • The "-y" parameter has been added to command line -silent mode, that answers Yes to all possible confirmations may appear (thanks to Andrea Giammaria for the feature request)
  • Added handling of exit codes in batch mode. So, now the result of a command can be checked with %ERRORLEVEL% variable (thanks to Edgar Schneider for the feature request)
  • New licensing system allows to avoid false positives from some antiviruses


DBF Commander Professional v5.0 Build 110 (October 24, 2022)

  • New Database Scheme feature implemented (thanks to Kevin Salisbury for the feature request)
  • Added possibility to select field(s) and copy its values for further paste into MS Excel sheet or somewhere else (thanks to Jonny McAreavey for the feature request)
  • Added possibility to import data from a text file of any type
  • Export to all file types now supports 'omit deleted' parameter in batch mode
  • Export DBF to XLS and XLSX in batch mode now supports custom sheet name (thanks to Max Gross for the feature request)
  • Replace is now works on Logical fields (thanks to Steve Henning for the bug report)
  • Fixed bug related to DBF field types on import from a database (thanks to Adil Demiri for the bug report)
  • Some commands became disabled after creating destination DBF on-the-fly during import from database. Fixed now
  • Fixed error appeared on structure changing and other operations on DBF file named with non-ANSI characters


DBF Commander Professional v4.4 Build 101 (March 15, 2019)

  • Multiple SQL tabs implemented
  • Hide Column feature added (thanks to Matthew Jones for the feature request)
  • Fixed bug related to memory leak during export to XLSX (thanks to Mike Todd for the bug report)
  • Added support for nested queries (or, subqueries) with short table names at the SQL Panel
  • Minor fixes in export and import processes


DBF Commander Professional v4.3 Build 91 (May 10, 2018)

  • Added support for EXECSCRIPT() and INDEX commands in user interface
  • Native export to XLSX file (no need MS Excel to be installed)
  • Incorrect Date, DateTime, and Numeric values are shown now without error message and highlighted with red (thanks to Gary Sanders and Chris Allen for the request)
  • Added support for -frfn, -srft, -ansi/-utf8, and -append parameters to export to CSV command (thanks to Alexander Datsomor for the feature request)
  • Date/time stamp added to each line logged within the log file when DBF commander is run with the -silent option (thanks to David Thomas for the feature request)
  • Some enhancements in import from DBMS functionality, as well in the interface


DBF Commander Professional v4.2 Build 82 (May 24, 2017)

  • French language added (thanks to Nicolas Marchand for the translation)
  • Delete Duplicates feature implemented
  • Omit deleted records export DBF to a database option added (thanks to Mike Kikolakis for the feature request)
  • New 'Start New SQL' and 'Save SQL As' commands were added to the SQL Panel (thanks to Valerio Scordato for the feature request)
  • Minor bug fixes


DBF Commander Professional v4.1 Build 80 (January 27, 2017)

  • Added support for EXECSCRIPT() command in batch mode
  • Support for SELECT statement added to Generate SQL Script feature. SQL text area is editable now
  • Chinese Simplified language added (thanks to Hsu Hongsheng for the translation)
  • New Import Custom XML option '-attr' added
  • Added NULL values support in Import Custom XML feature (thanks to Richard Hartnett for the bug request)


DBF Commander Professional v4.0 Build 72 (November 11, 2016)

  • New Select Deleted Records feature added
  • Import from DBMS feature now can create destination DBF file on-the-fly
  • NULL values are now converted automatically to the appropriate blank values on import from an SQL server into a DBASE file (thanks to Bob Hirsch for the feature request)
  • Export DBF file to an SQL database now is not being interrupted if an error occurs. In silent batch mode, all the error line numbers and messages are written to the log file specified (thanks to Yuri Luis Paez for the feature request)
  • Fixed bug related to export of a high-precision float and numeric values to a database (thanks to Christos Samaras for the bug report)
  • Some minor bugs related to import from a database into a DBASE file were fixed


DBF Commander Professional v3.9 Build 67 (June 14, 2016)

  • New Mark Column feature allows to highlight a column of opened DBF table with a color
  • Spanish language added (thanks to Pedro Hernandez for the translation)
  • Added support for tab symbol in import from CSV and export to CSV
  • Fixed bug related to using quoted table names in export to a database (thanks to Thilak Sanjev for the bug report)
  • Minor enhancements in import custom XML
  • Various interface improvements and SQL bug fixes


DBF Commander Professional v3.8 Build 65 (January 16, 2016)

  • New '-qf' batch command allows to run SQL text from a file (thanks to Jean Claude Cajot for the feature request)
  • Added possibility to save or load SQL queries to SQL Panel from a text file
  • New batch command '-chart' allows to generate chart images via command line interface (thanks to Kevin Salisbury for the feature request)
  • Some import/export to CSV fixes regarding to quotes handling (thanks to Marian Kochanik for request)
  • You can now execute all queries from the SQL Panel without selecting them
  • Progress bar is now hidden in batch mode when the '-silent' mode is on (thanks to Mike Kokolakis for the request)


DBF Commander Professional v3.7 Build 63 (August 4, 2015)

  • 'Empty destination table' export to database option implemented (thanks to Matej Leban for the feature request)
  • Trial period extended to 30 days
  • Trial version nag-screen removed
  • Automatic Memo file conversion dialog has been added on DBF file opening to fix 'File must be opened exclusively to convert the Memo file' error (thanks to Lenard Hannam for the request)
  • 'Add field names' and 'Add field types' export to CSV options added
  • Minor interface changes and a rare bug fix in export to a database process
  • 'File does not exist' message on SQL query execution replaced with Open File dialog (thanks to Luk Kier for request)
  • Chinese Traditional language added


DBF Commander Professional v3.6 Build 60 (October 3, 2014)

  • Missing database *.DBC files handling fixed (thanks to Daniel Notle for the bug report)
  • MS Excel export issues (incorrect cell format and black background) have been fixed
  • Few of fixes in export to a MS SQL Server database have been made (thanks to Chris Parkhill for testing)


DBF Commander Professional v3.5 Build 57 (August 25, 2014)

  • New feature to create target tables on-the-fly while exporting a DBF file to a database implemented. DBMS supported: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, MS Access SQL, Visual FoxPro
  • New feature to change table font has been implemented (thanks to Markus Hubert for request)
  • Portuguese language was added (thanks to Andre Marques dos Santos for translation)
  • Norwegian language was added (thanks to Son Tuan Huynh for translation)
  • "Open result file after import completion" option implemented
  • Automatically check for updates feature implemented


DBF Commander Professional v3.4 Build 55 (June 5, 2014)

  • Italian language added (thanks to Andrea Lai for translation)
  • Finnish language added (thanks to Kari Eveli for translation)
  • Moving by opened tables and SQL Panel with Ctrl+Tab shortcut implemented


DBF Commander Professional v3.3 Build 54 (March 11, 2014)

  • Polish language was added (thanks to Maciej Bojakowski for translation)
  • Bug related to registered version's operation in batch mode was fixed
  • Handling of fields named as reserved words was improved (thanks to Jay Walker for request)


DBF Commander Professional v3.2 Build 53 (January 20, 2014)

  • Licensing scheme was changed back from 1 year to perpetual
  • Opened DBF file is now placed on its own tab. Tab context menu commands available: Close Tab, Close All, Close All But This, etc.
  • Appearance option "File name at tab title contains path" was added
  • Hungarian language was added (thanks to Torok Istvan for translation)
  • Bug related to import from CSV containing incorrect field names in the 1st row was fixed (thanks to Jean Claude Cajot for testing)
  • "Out of memory" error on import of large CSV files was fixed (thanks to Ulugbek Yusupov for bug report)


DBF Commander Professional v3.1 Build 52 (November 6, 2013)

  • Replace and Replace All commands now replace matching text only - not whole cell text, as it was before (thanks to Jean Claude Cajot for request)
  • Bug in command-line silent mode was fixed (thanks to Brendon O'Sullivan for bug report and testing)
  • Ability to import XML files containing incorrect characters (particularly, "" symbols) was added. Support for other special symbols can be added on demand
  • Date and DateTime field values now have explicit format on export to XML: "yyyy-MM-dd" and "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss", respectively
  • XML files no longer require comment field on import
  • Bug related to search by Logical and General fields was fixed
  • Table hint is now multi-line
  • Other minor interface improvements


DBF Commander Professional v3.0 Build 50 (October 2, 2013)

SQL queries execution was highly improved:

  • Support for multiline queries
  • SQL execution messages and errors are shown in separate text box
  • Support for comments in SQL text
  • SQL syntax highlighting was fixed

New tools and features:

  • Table grid data now is in Unicode
  • Ability to compare DBF files by field types was added
  • Deleted rows count is now displayed in status bar
  • Multi-page printing of DBF file was implemented
  • Visual FoxPro syntax support was added to SQL Scripts Generation
  • Support for column moving
  • DBF file opening and table drawing is now slightly faster
  • Cosmetic interface improvements

Import and Export enhancements:

  • Import Wizard was implemented
  • Export of DBF to MS Excel 2007 or higher was implemented
  • Export to CSV now supports UTF-8 encoding
  • Encoding of exported HTML and XML files now is UTF-8
  • "Out of memory" bug on export of large DBF files to CSV was fixed

A few useful changes have been made in Export to Database:

  • Command line for current data transfer from/to database now is automatically generated in window
  • Option to enclose field names in brackets, quotes, etc. was added
  • Missing field names are now shown, too (as well as common field names)
  • Editable list of tables (e.g., for Postgre SQL schemas support)

Changes in Memo fields handling:

  • Support for Memo fields was added in SQL Scripts Generation
  • Memo field value text box is now scrollable
  • Memo fields are now displayed faster

New options:

  • Automatically open DBF files involved in SQL queries
  • Add structure changes as queries to SQL Panel
  • Ukrainian interface language was added (thanks to Vladimir Leonidovich for translation)

Bug fixes:

  • Incorrect encoding on DBF table cell copying was fixed
  • Cut/Copy/Paste routines in editor mode were fixed
  • Case Sense bug in Find and Replace was fixed
  • Autoinc field type is now restored after file sorting
  • Minor bugs on DBF structure changing were fixed


DBF Commander Professional v2.8 Build 41 (January 10, 2013)

  • Serbian language was added (thanks to Bojan Cirovic for translation)
  • New option "Server-side cursor" was added in Import/Export to DBMS (thanks to David Thomas for request)
  • Bug related to some command-line routines was fixed (thanks to Jason Kleinhans for bug report)


DBF Commander Professional v2.7 Build 40 (October 31, 2012)

  • New command was added: Export DBF file structure to DBF file
  • New -silent mode was added to command-line operations processing (thanks to Riccardo Bodini for request)
  • New command was added to command-line interface: Import Custom XML (thanks to Richard Hartnett for request)
  • Error processing in command-line mode was improved
  • Incorrect charset of error message in command-line was fixed
  • "Multiple-step OLE DB operation" error on DBF export was fixed (thanks to Mary Jane Kelly for request)
  • Some rare bugs were fixed
  • Small cosmetic changes


DBF Commander Professional v2.6 Build 39 (July 23, 2012)

  • Save As command for Memo (*.FPT and *.DBT) files was fixed (thanks to Guido D'Achille for request)
  • DBF format change commands (-dbase and -vfp) were added to command line interface (thanks to Cosmin Borduselu for request)
  • Small interface improvements


DBF Commander Professional v2.5 Build 38 (April 16, 2012)

  • Incorrect date values are now displayed as is, without OLE DB provider error (thanks to Kris Senden for request)
  • Conversion of Memo (FPT and DBT) files was added (thanks to Mark Bustin for request)
  • "DBF Commander Home Page" and "Elphsoft Home Page" main menu items were added
  • Error on field order changing in DBF file with Memo (FPT and DBT) files was fixed
  • Error on field sorting in DBF file with Memo (FPT and DBT) files was fixed
  • Error on new dBase file creation was fixed
  • Bug related to conversion to dBase failing in some cases after search was fixed


DBF Commander Professional v2.4 Build 37 (March 1, 2012)

  • Save As command was added (for example, to save SQL query result set to new DBF file)
  • Import from DBMS command was added to command-line interface
  • Export to DBMS command was added to command-line interface
  • Light-gray background is now used for cells with NULL values
  • Minor bug on file opening was fixed
  • Minor cosmetic improvements


DBF Commander Professional v2.3 Build 36 (September 20, 2011)

  • Import from XML was implemented
  • Import from CSV was implemented
  • Indonesian UI language was added (thanks to Rully Pratama for translation)
  • Export to XLS was completely reworked (bug related to column type was fixed, too) and highly improved
  • Now export to XLS doesn't require installing MS Excel on the workstation
  • Field definitions are now inserts on export to XML or CSV
  • Import from XML or CSV now can also be done via command line
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes in export
  • Ability to change grid's charset (without changing Windows locale settings) was added
  • Conversion of DBF file type from "Visual FoxPro (autoinc)" to "dBase III Plus" was added
  • A few minor bug fixes


DBF Commander Professional v2.2 Build 35 (June 3, 2011)

  • Registration dialog now opens if trial period is expired
  • Other small improvements in registration process


DBF Commander Professional v2.2 Build 34 (June 2, 2011)

  • Some spelling errors were fixed in German UI language
  • Table structure grid's titles now are translatable


DBF Commander Professional v2.2 Build 33 (May 31, 2011)

  • German UI language was added (thanks to Peter Busch for translation)
  • New SQL script option "Insert into defined fields" was added
  • Using trial version under virtualization software is now allowed
  • New command Maximize/Restore was added (View -> Maximize/Restore, or Alt+Enter)
  • Small bug related to "INSERT INTO ..." SQL clause was fixed
  • Minor cosmetic improvements


DBF Commander Professional v2.1 Build 32 (April 5, 2011)

  • Major bug related to SQL query parsing was fixed


DBF Commander Professional v2.1 Build 31 (March 24, 2011)

  • "Open new files in existing instance" option was added
  • "Could not save the log file" and "Failed to set data for ..." bugs were fixed
  • Bug related to file access after search was fixed
  • Minor bug related to column dropping when changing structure was fixed


DBF Commander Professional v2.0 Build 30 (February 21, 2011)

  • ANSI <-> UTF-8 encoding conversion was completely reworked and improved, with some bugs fixes
  • Import/export data from/to DBMS (MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, InterBase, etc.)
  • Encrypt/decrypt DBF files (with AES-256 algorithm)
  • Convert DBF file to SQL script
  • Chart Wizard
  • Go to Field
  • Trim Spaces
  • Reopen File
  • Nullize Field and Set NULL commands
  • Compare Files
  • Check for Updates
  • BLOB fields support
  • Command line support
  • Custom delimiters for export to *.CSV file
  • Ability to export and print Advanced Statistics was added
  • NULL values explicitly shown as NULL in grid
  • Highly improved export DBF to XML
  • Option to create backup files (*.BAK) was added
  • Bug related to accidental table title clicking when maximizing program was fixed
  • Bug related to grid popping up and Recent Files menu dropping down after structure changing was fixed
  • Application was added to Vista/Windows 7 Default Programs (thanks to Albert Akhmetov for help)
  • Moving by DBF file opened from LAN resource is now much faster
  • "<=" and ">=" filter conditions were implemented; "!=" condition was changed to "<>"
  • Small bugs fixes, code optimizations, and cosmetic improvements


DBF Commander v1.1 Build 25 (October 13, 2010), the last freeware version

  • Ability to convert UTF-8 to ANSI was implemented
  • Code was cleaned (DBFCommander.exe file became smaller)


DBF Commander v1.1 Build 24 (August 30, 2010)

  • Minimized application window starts flashing when SQL query execution is finished
  • Horizontal scroll bar is automatically hidden when not needed
  • Some enhancements were added
  • Some minor bugs were fixed


DBF Commander v1.1 Build 23 (June 28, 2010)

  • File Structure bug related to "Duplicate field name" error was fixed
  • Support for Windows 7 and Vista user interface themes was added
  • Bug related to DBF Commander Help invoking was fixed


DBF Commander v1.1 Build 22 (May 26, 2010)

  • "CREATE TABLE ..." clause bug was fixed. Access Violation error appears if no files are open
  • Critical bug related to DBF file deleting during SQL query execution was fixed


DBF Commander v1.1 Build 21 (May 18, 2010)

  • Sorting dialog box was completely reworked
  • "XX) is not a valid integer value" bug was fixed. Error window appears on DBF file type change
  • Temporary DBF files are deleted at once after being closed
  • Recent Files submenu handling was completely reworked
  • Exception bug related to File Structure window was fixed
  • New command "Insert Current Filename" was added
  • Temporary DBF files and log file are now stored in current user's Application Data directory
  • Help system was implemented
  • A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes


DBF Commander v1.0 Build 20 (April 2, 2010)

  • The first official release!