View DBF File

DBF Commander opens each DBF file in a child MDI window. This feature allows you to keep open as many DBF files as you want. This may be useful, for example, for comparing the data of several DBF files, or for comparing field names, field types, record count, etc.
Use the scroll bars to move in the DBF file's grid. The status bar contains some useful information about the DBF file: record count, field count, current field type, DBF format, and codepage. For more details, please refer to this topic: DBF Viewer and Editor.

The Main Menu's View submenu contains display-relative operations. Use them to view a DBF in the way you need.


SQL Panel (Ctrl+Q)

This command shows or hides the SQL Panel. You can define the panel's location via the Options dialog box.

Cascade (Shift+Ctrl+C), Tile Horizontal (Shift+Ctrl+H), Tile Vertical (Shift+Ctrl+V)

These commands arrange the open tables: cascade them, tile horizontally, or tile vertically.


Next Window (Shift+Ctrl+N), Previous Window (Shift+Ctrl+P)

Use these commands to move from one table window to another, forward or backward.


Maximize/Restore (Alt+Enter)

Maximizes the application's main window if it's not maximized, or restores it if it's maximized.